successfully launching your products to a

pool of curated and qualified customers that have already been nurtured, beforehand, and are ready to buy what you're selling…

think of everything you can accomplish with your new revenue stream …

As a health care practitioner or
Certified Hair loss expert, I don’t need to tell you:

You see it everyday. And This is why you do what you do.

Yet, although there is a whole market that needs your products and services, you’ve experienced many obstacles with reaching these consumers:


You lack the time to execute your own marketing campaigns

While you are excellent at treating hair loss, you don't have the time needed to create comprehensive marketing campaigns to reach the women who need your products and services the most.


You’re not gaining any momentum on Social Media

You are posting 3-5 times daily to no avail. No one is seeing your content nor engaging with your posts.


You post Promotions, giveaways and coupon codes to crickets.

Your audience isn’t buying from you nor clicking the link in your bio - which means little to no conversions and sales.

Stop wasting your valuable time and money, and let us help you get sales!

Hairscripts is a Sales & Marketing Platform with sales strategists that have over 10 years of experience promoting pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical devices

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HairScripts Virtual Hair Clinic (VHC)

An ecommerce platform that connects your products and services to our community of carefully curated hair loss customers that are ready to buy your solution to their hair loss problem.

At HairScripts, we target all-natural hair textures and patterns with a particular focus on women of color, who are notoriously underserved within the beauty industry. Our community interacts using photo and video content, live streams, blog posts , push notifications and more so that they are able to build community with others facing the same challenges, while also getting real medical help. We also offer an online scalp evaluation tool that will give our partners direct access to potentials customers, and give partners an opportunity to make product recommendations based on our customers’ personal needs.

But what makes us different

Our consumers trust us

We’ve been able to build a thriving community​

We are able to successfully generate leads for dermatologists, trichologists and other hair loss experts that are looking for a platform to effectively partner with to market their products and services​

Here are the benefits of partnering with us

Our partners pay a one-time flat fee to partner with HairScripts so that they can enjoy the following benefits:

We provide carefully curated and qualified leads in a centralized location- allowing dermatologists and trichologists to reach their customers without the overwhelm, expense, time or steep learning curve of having to market to them themselves (because we do it for them!)

We’re more cost effective than traditional marketing channels. Instead of investing in vanity metrics of likes, comments, shares, you will be able to quickly determine your ROI in the Virtual Hair Clinic due to our website users’ ability to directly purchase your products and book an appointment with medical professionals.​

We don’t just tell our website users to buy your product or sign up for your service. We create custom campaigns and content to build our website users' interest in your products and services and to build repeat brand loyalty. ​

We deliver additional value to your existing audience. You can invite them to our website as well to enjoy the free content we create around your brand and to be part of live discussions.​

We offer up-sells and custom funnels, allowing you to promote to clients at just the right time, i.e. if a user books a private consultation, we can offer a custom product pack.​

Seriously, is going back to the overwhelm, expense or steep learning curve of having to market to consumers yourself even an option?

With a streamlined, curated, professional ecommerce platform that acts as a bridge between you and the hair loss customers that need your products and services most, partnering with us is a no brainer...